Baltic Circle Diving Tour is the brain child of Tiffany Norberg and Edd Stockdale to expose the wonders of diving in the Nordic region to the world. Frustrated both with the lower coverage of cold water diving and the lack of excitement in most diving media they aim to showcase both in this 4 month road trip around the Baltic visiting the best dive destinations, dive centres and dive clubs along the way, AND invite anyone that wants to join to follow along for as long as they like.

The whole trip will be shared on social media outlets with photos, videos and articles so those who cannot make it will get to see parts of what the region has to offer, who to visit when here and what you can dive.

The trip begins in May 2019 with set meet up points along the route so anyone that wishes to join can become part of the adventure regardless of what level of diver you are.

Follow us, Join us and stay linked in to what is happening on this epic adventure.