The Plan

“Cold water diving is not for me.”

“Cold water must be so boring and hard.”

“Its too cold for me.”

All these are comments that you will often hear when talking about diving in the Nordic or Baltic regions but are all related in the fact they are WRONG. Diving in this region of the world is nothing short of amazing with so much to see and experience. DCIM100GOPROGOPR0518.JPG

Baltic Circle Diving aims to showcase this amazing region of the world above and below water, show techniques for cold water diving and promote the diving of the whole region to the world in an epic road trip around the Baltic Sea.

All along the route we will be recording the whole trip and sharing it with videos, photos and blog posts so that others can see why they are missing.  Anyone that wants to join the trip can for however long they want to dive, chill or just road trip.